Thursday, April 23, 2009


Click the post title NOW ! RIGHT NOW ! for a travel essay by LAURA BRENNAN, poetry by HARMONY HOLIDAY and WENDY BURK and  collaborative epistolary poetry by DELLA WATSON and JESSICA WICKENS. SCROLL DOWN FOR PICS & BIO'S FROM THIS MONTH'S WRITERS

dsc02524Laura Brennan

Interests:Tomfoolery, clandestineness, manipulation, esotericism and the abstruse.

Post-its, Q-tips, Jason Toothpaste, Lush, spell check and

Kale, peanut butter, wild mushrooms, nutritional yeast, fish in cans, dark chocolate covered almonds, mustard oil, smoothies and seeds high in omega fatty acids.

Funny faces, singing things that are generally spoken, breaking into dance, thumb war and applying a light amount of pressure to the back of someones knee.

Lavender, ylang-ylang, Himalayan Cedar, sweet orange, clary sage and patchouli.

Smiling wrinkles, whispering, blowing kisses, fishy face and blowing on peoples stomachs.

And bikes and goats and spring time.

img_1255Jessica Wickens' poems have appeared in Little Red Leaves, Eleven Eleven, Floating Holiday, The Whirligig, Spell, Switchback, and Blink. She studied anthropology at the University of Chicago and creative writing at California College of the Arts. She co-edits the literary journal Monday Night, recently founded Skeptic Press and sits on the board of Small Press Traffic. A native of Michigan, she currently works at a legal services center and lives in Oakland with human and feline companions. 

Della and Jessica are currently working on collaborative a poetry collection.

Della Watson holds degrees from the University of Kentucky and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is the co-founder of the reconstruction room, a Chicago-based reading and performance series. Her poetry has appeared in Limestone, Make, The Hat, Denver Quarterly, Tarpaulin Sky, Parcel, nanomajority, Free Verse, The New Yinzer, eye-rhyme, alice blue, elimae, Left Facing Bird, Sorry for Snake, Mirage, word for/ word and others. She blogs at Wunderkammer  and The Green Life.

wendy-burk-photo-3Wendy Burk is the author of a poetry chapbook, The Deer, and the translator of Tedi L√≥pez Mills’s While Light Is Built, from Kore Press. Her work has also appeared in journals including TWO LINES, Tin House, Colorado Review, and PMS. With poet Eric Magrane, she has recently completed a manuscript of collaborative poems from National Park Service residencies in Michigan, Arkansas, and Florida.

Harmony Holiday-Oppen poem in the place of bio (pronouns have been changed )
selfportrait Sunnyside Child As the builders Planned, the city streets Put leaves in summer air in lost Streets above the subway. And in this Achievement of the houses, this Air, a child Stands as a child, Preoccupied To find her generation, her contemporaries Of the neighborhood whose atmosphere, whose sound In her life's time no front door, no Hardware ever again can close on

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Alphonse Berber FRIDAY NIGHT through June 6!

"You, Me, and Everyone We Know"
will open with a public reception for the artists this Friday at 6pm and will continue until June 6.

For more information, please visit
Eating My Cake and Having It Too, Benjamin Cowden.

Timothy Kadish, Three Waldos, Four Parachute Men, Seven Mushrooms, Eight Tanks, and Four Turtle Doves.
Inagaki, Untitled (Gericault #1), charcoal on rives bfk, 86 x 42 .