Monday, February 23, 2009

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Lara Durback thinking about energy or that space in between every person and thing. And her name always confusing. Never committing to a form of art but always writing first. Talking, music, food, handmade leather earrings, printing, digging through trash & gluing, dancing, yoga. People people people people and cats and public transportation.

Jose's father's name is Jose, and his father's father's name was Jose too. Hence, 'Jose-Luis'; which gratifies this scrivener's sense of self-worth in a world filled with Joses, famous and none-too-famous. To his friends, he is Jose, and to one very good friend, it is 'Josef' - others may refer to him as 'Joe' or 'Yousef' - yet no one calls him 'Pepe' because he still is (bless him) 'Pepito'. His father is a poet/metaphysician, a pater-in-spirit published; and his father's father was a boxer, a dragon given to drink & toxicity. So proceed the events enchained by the recurrence of a name - variations on a theme lost in a conspectus of what JHVH increases - a genealogy as yet unwrit, dim-seen... The present Jose(-Luis) resides in Illadelph, PA

Barbara Cully is the author of Desire Reclining (Penguin, 2003); The New Intimacy (Penguin, 1997), which won the National Poetry Series Open Competition; and Shoreline Series (Kore Press, 1997). She teaches in the Department of English at the University of Arizona as well as in the Prague Summer Program. Poems from a new collection appear in CUE and Sonora Review, and are forthcoming in Tight.

Following an initial stab at political satire for The Sunday Times of London, the Brooklyn-born writer has remained a recurring nightmare for British readers. Steven got his start in the UK, working at London's premier listing's magazine, Time Out, and subsequently for The Guardian, filing film features, theatre reviews and covering the major European film festivals. His credits in the UK also include BBC Children's TelevisionGQCosmopolitanThe Evening Standard and The Face. In the US his work has been published in The New York TimesPremiere and Interview Magazine

Specializing in film coverage, Steven has worked as a Hollywood correspondent and frequent contributor to The Sunday Times and Esquire in the UK, with numerous covers for both publications. His interviews include : Martin Scorsese, John Travolta, Samuel Jackson, Sharon Stone, Woody Allen, Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Jude Law, Kevin Costner, Ray Charles and Timothy Leary amongst numerous others. 

Approached by former Disney animator, Raul Garcia, he scripted the animated feature, Sian Ka'an, featuring the voices of Salma Hayek, Placido Domingo, Alfred Molina and Cheech Marin. Additional credits include two animated Eloise holiday specials from Film Roman & Handmade Films (based on the books by Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight), featuring the voices of Tim Curry, Lynn Redgrave, Brad Garrett and Jim Belushi. 

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Saturday February 28th 7pm