Thursday, January 22, 2009

New! Works on Paper by Valyntina Grenier

Twelve works using acrylic, ink and H2O on paper range in size from 30"x22" to 67"x42." Each piece comes ready to hang w/ an artist-made slip and dowel weight and hanging system. All arelight-weight and several can be hung 2 ways.They are priced to sell from $50.00 to $280.00.
I hold a BA in English from UCBerkeley and an MFA from Saint Mary's College. I am the editor-in-chief of Life-Long Press and the curator/ MC of Back Room Live, a monthly multi-genre reading series formerly held at Mc Nally's Irish Pub. Back Room Live is now on line at  Join us for our debut posting Saturday, January 31st,  at 7pm and the last Saturday of every month at 7pm to read and comment on the work of 4 new writers! 

The Rockridge Cafe is at 5492 College Ave in Oakland they are open Sunday-Monday from 7:30am-3pm.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

NOW SHOWING at Khana Peena on College

Khana Peena is at 5326 College Ave. in Rockridge click the post title for restaurant hours and info. The food is delicious!
My Pager's in My Other Pants
After the Modern Styles: abstract lyricisim, minimalism, abstract symbolism
Acrrylic on canvas

My Pager's in my Other Pants is titled after a mixed tape made by my friend Lukas Champagne which I listened to while composing Autopoiesis 2 my second annual show of paintings for the Lanespliter in July of 2007. During the month of May I composed ten paintings (acrylic on canvas or cedar) ranging from 6"x6" to 5'x5'. This painting is the fourth in my series Strains. The first paintings in the series were gennerated from a sketch I made after the minimalist style in 1997 while watching The Andromeda Strain. The term strain has several connotations. Those which provide a lense for the viewing of this painting : (music) a series of musical phrases that create a distinct melody of a piece, (biology) a variant of a plant, virus or bacterium, or to pass through a filtering agent such as a strainer, to embrace or clasp tightly; hug. The image to the right, the original sketch for My Pager's in My Other Pants, was composed during an art history class in 1998.
To view the other paintings in the Strains series and others go to Or to see some new works on paper from the series to the right visit the Rockridge Cafe January 22nd through May 6th.